Free Consultation – Renewable Energy System Design – US Tax Credit

Our lead consulting engineer is at this time offering initial consultations free of charge. Initial consultations outline the basic design of a custom tailored renewable energy system based on information gathered from the client. A rough estimate of cost is included, as well as eligibility for US federal tax credits. In most cases an off-grid residential energy system will pay for itself in less than ten years, and a consulting engineer can save you more than 50% on the initial investment through efficient design practices, access to tax credit information, and discounted equipment from manufacturers. The industry standard is a twenty five year manufacturers warranty on most equipment, so when paid off in less than ten years the investment will more than double itself in savings over the life of the system, with many systems tripling or even quadrupling the initial investment over that time. Consulting engineers save clients far more money than the fee to hire them, and with the first consultation being offered free of charge there is nothing to lose. Contact us today by posting your interest on this site. Our lead consulting engineer will contact you soon after.

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