Budget-Neutral Solar

off-grid solar for less than you pay per month for electricity from the grid.

A solar electrical system designed by our consulting engineers can easily cost less per month than your current electric bill. If installed by the homeowner, the cost could be around half the cost of your current electric bill. To top that, most systems are paid for in less than ten years, giving the homeowner free electricity under warranty for a minimum of fifteen years thereafter.

-How is this accomplished?

Our consulting engineers design the worlds most efficient renewable energy systems. The average home, after a plan put together by our consultants is implemented, will consume less than half the amount of energy that it did prior to implementation. Half the energy usage equates to half the dollar amount of equipment needed to produce your own electricity.

An off-grid solar electrical system designed by our engineers does not require the use of expensive and failure prone inverters. The use of direct current (DC) for most applications reduces the amount of electricity needed drastically and has the added benefit of prolonging the life of appliances.

We prepare a package for you detailing the entire investment in great detail that can be used to obtain a bank loan to fund the project. Monthly payments will always be significantly less than your current electricity bills, and after a maximum of ten years the investment will be paid off and you can enjoy free electricity for a minimum of 15 years thereafter.

United States Federal tax credits will pay a minimum 30% of the cost of all components and labor. Our consultants will prepare a package fully detailing all applicable credits to the given situation and provide all forms necessary to be filed by you or your CPA. We are familiar with all current federal credits and grants and will obtain all state and local tax information on an individual basis.

The first consultation is free with no strings attached. Should you decide to proceed, our commission is based on a percentage of how much money we save you. Post your interest on this site and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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