About Our Company

BackwoodsEnergy.org is a website owned and maintained by Mississippi Foundation for Renewable Energy, a 501c non-profit organization. The company’s primary mission is to promote the use of renewable energy resources in the State of Mississippi as well as abroad. All who serve on the board of directors, as well as all consultants and engineers serving the company live off-grid themselves, and have obtained vast knowledge in doing so. We are a renewable energy consulting and electrical engineering firm dedicated to helping individuals transition into the off-grid lifestyle. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we save our clients thousands of dollars on each renewable energy project we design. Our fee is based on the dollar amount saved, so we have every reason to save our clients as much money as possible, thus making renewable energy installations feasible and cost effective. We do not endorse any for-profit companies, so we have no incentive to push particular products other than simply pushing what works the best for the given situation. Our clients personal information, as well as all information pertaining to projects is treated as confidential and is never disclosed to anyone or any entity.